About Me

I have worked in a wide range of government and corporate organisations for almost 20 years. In that time I have gained immeasurable business writing, relationship and project management experience.

Personally, there was always a piece of the jigsaw missing when it came to being completely satisfied with my career progression options, work satisfaction and the level of contribution I have been able to achieve. Maybe you felt the same way and that’s why you started your own small business journey?

My dream of becoming a small business owner is being realised. This is the result of a lot of self-reflection regarding my skills, wants and needs out of a potential career change. Re-training with the wonderful Bernadette Schwerdt through the Australian Writers’ Centre became necessary and I found by doing my courses, I had a real flair for copywriting and my purpose was found! Since making the decision to move into this space, I have worked very hard but have been really pleased with my decision.

I would love to hear about how your business was born and to discuss how I can help you on your business journey. Cheers to us for making it happen!