5 Ways Your Small Business Can Give Back To Your Community

Did you know there is a way to be more altruistic in your small business, while giving your brand a boost? Giving back to your local or global community can give you the warm and fuzzies and tap into networks that can lead to more work.

Corporate responsibility is big business these days. It has become a branding boon for large corporate organisations. But did you know small businesses, like yours, can also give back, albeit in more creative ways?

Whilst acknowledging that your small business exists to allow you to pursue your passion and ultimately pay your bills, there will always be room for factoring in a little donation of time or money to help others.

Here are my top 5 ways your small business can help make the world a better place:

1.       Offer your skills for free – this one is my favourite. I’m sure there is a practical way to do this for most businesses.

2.       Start local – find out which charities and not for profit organisations operate in your area and volunteer an hour of your time per week or run a food or goods drive for them via your business

3.       Sponsorship – this one is perhaps for the more established businesses as it can be a little expensive. Nothing wrong with starting small though! What about donating funds towards new uniforms to your local netball or footy team? In exchange, they could feature your business logo somewhere prominent

4.       Mentoring – students, new solentrepreneurs and those running community groups may need your insight, advice and experience.

5.       Encourage volunteering – if your small business has employees, lead by example and encourage them to donate their time. Volunteering in a group setting can also have benefits in terms of team building.

A note about being genuine: if your sole purpose for giving is to ultimately get something in return, then stop right there! That is not the purpose of this blog, plus it can actually cause damage to your brand. We’ve all seen examples where corporates run campaigns advertising how much money they’ve donated to this cause and that cause. It’s obvious that they’re telling us because they want us to think they’re good guys. We can see straight though it!

It’s much better to choose a cause that you’re passionate about and take the approach that less is more on the branding side of things. A simple paragraph on your website or a social media post talking about the charity (ie not your involvement in it), for example, is quite sufficient.

How will you give back to your community? Reach out today!


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