5 ways to start 2017 right for your small business

2016 is almost behind us and it is a great time to reflect on what we’ve achieved this year. I hope you’ve found it as exciting and challenging as I have! My thoughts soon turn to 2017 though, and what I’d like to accomplish and focus on as we move into the new year. It’s the perfect time to take the opportunity to consider how we want 2017 to be and to take some time out and re-calibrate ourselves. Here are five things you can do to set yourself up to take on the shiny new year that awaits us.


  1. Take a break

If you’re anything like me, you will have still been working over the Christmas period. Whilst our inner employee/office worker would never think to do such a thing, it’s a different story when it comes to owning a business. We might have clients who expect our products and services or we might just love working so much that it’s never far from our mind! Well either way, you do need a break. A holiday is ideal obviously, but if you can’t manage to get away, you should still take some time out to do other things and re-charge those batteries. Whether it be reading a (non work-related) book on the beach, taking a day trip or fishing, down time is super important for your brain and over all health and stress management.


  1. Reconfirm why you do what you do

If the daily grind has clouded your purpose, take a moment to think about why you’re even doing this. Think back to when you first decided to take the leap into small business. Why did you do it? Why does your product or service mean so much to you and why do you dedicate this much time to it? For some, the reasons might be altruistic and for others it will represent the immortal words of George Michael; freedom (Vale Michael) and for some it may simply be a great way to avoid a city commute and work in your pajamas! All are valid reasons so clarify your objectives for yourself.


  1. Your customers

Strengthen your understanding about who your customers are and why they need what you’re selling. You could send a simple survey to your existing customers to find out more about them, what makes them tick and when they are likely to contact you. You never know what you might find out. A single piece of information may help you target your market better. The next suggestion is for the frustrated performers amongst us – really dig into the psyche of your customer and perform a role-play asking questions as yourself and answering as your ideal customer. Out loud! Keep asking ‘why’ questions to get to the nitty gritty details. I don’t recommend doing this one on public transport!


  1. Review your web content

This seems like a no-brainer, but when you have half an hour, really look objectively at your web design and content. Does it communicate the messages you wanted? Is the content clearly expressed? Do you need to clean out old, irrelevant content? Do you need to update your services? Is the site optimised for mobiles? This point is a big one. Most of online browsing is done via mobiles these days


  1. Plan out your next 12 months’ blogs

If you plan out your blog posts at the start of the year with the topics and a couple of dot points to include in each one, then you can get on and not have to dream up new topics all year! Ideal, hey?! It might be that something relevant and time-specific comes up during the year and you need to change your plan, but no problem, you’ve already got one idea for 2018!


I’ll share a copywriting hack with you too; write the blogs all at the one time. You’ll get on a roll and then all you need to do is upload an already-written blog each month #winning!


Did you know that I can help you with writing blogs? You come up with the topic and a few points to be included and I’ll do the rest!! Contact me to discuss!